Real Time Locating System

Real Time Locating System (RTLS) for Asset Tracking

A Simple, cost effective solution for tracking the movement of your assets in real time. Save time by managing multiple assets at one place and eliminating manual tracking. Quickly find customized and ready-to-use data for your context and share them across your organization.Request a Demo

How it Works?

COINs are placed at every 100 ft. The assets to be tracked are tagged with FIND units. FIND and COIN works in a mesh, thereby enabling accurate real time location of all assetsThe entire area is covered with the COIN mesh network. Gateway collects the data from COINs and transfers the information to Cloud over Wi-FiOur powerful cloud which is API enabled for custom deployment collects, stores, computes and delivers all information to the Web PanelGet real time information, notifications and alerts on any browser or mobile



Real Time Locating SystemAutomatically identify and track the location of assets in real time within a pre defined location.
Easy to use interfaceOur solution is simple and can be used by the administrator with minimum training.
Pin point locationCOIN gives you the pin point location of the asset at any floor in a building, the aisle location of a component in a warehouse, and likewise.
Geo Fencing CapabilitiesOne of the key features of the solution is the ability to create unique geo-fences with ease. Enterprises can not just monitor when an asset enters the geo-fences, but can also set and alarm when an asset enters or leaves the geo-fence.
Historical data analysesThe COIN solution retains historical data of usage, maintenance, and history of assets in the cloud for future analysis and investigation. Historical data of the asset helps management to take intelligent decisions.
Report generationAnalyzing historical data-trail for each asset helps to locate assets when needed, reduces disruptions in operations, and avoids the expense of purchasing unnecessary replacements.