Condition Monitoring for Enterprises

Condition Monitoring for Enterprises

Monitor temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Motion using COINs. Get real time and accurate information round the clock.

Customize the COIN nodes from cloud as per the user application to set threshold values and get notifications in case these values are crossed. Also, set up user defined data streaming intervals (suited for enterprise solutions).

Access day wise, week wise and month wise historical data. Explore past trends, get insights and take preventive measures. All this data can be remotely monitored using our Dashboard and any potential issue can be easily rectified before its escalation.Request a DemoCOINs placed in storage rooms, warehouses, industries etc continuously detect temperature, humidity, motion and VibrationGateway and COINs form low powered point to point mesh network of tiny low cost sensor nodes and transmits this information to cloud over WiFiOur powerful cloud which is API enabled for custom deployment collects, stores, computes and delivers all information to the Web PanelGet real time information, notifications and alerts on any browser or mobile

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Our COIN solution enables you to remotely track and manage the Temperature and Humidity. Now, easily set and monitor the temperature in case of critical industries like Pharmaceutical storage, perishable food storage etc. In order to maintain the quality of the goods, they are to be stored and transported at right temperature. This is where COIN plays a major role; it can monitor the temperature of the cold storage area as well as cold storage trucks during transit.

Motion and Vibration Monitoring

Condition Monitoring 1

COIN can detect Motion, Vibration and any unauthorized opening and closing of doors. Every machine displays characteristic resonant frequencies in its vibration spectrum, which can be mapped using an accelerometer. Mechanical issues like stretched conveyor belts or worn bearings introduce new vibration frequencies. As part of a connected network and combined with automated data capture and analytics, they can alert maintenance to the emergence of new resonant frequencies that might indicate a problem.

Industries and Use Cases


Storage facilities

With the rising popularity of luxury items in storage and more demand than ever for uber-secure, high quality storage facilities, climate controlled facilities are experiencing rapid growth.


Server rooms and data centers

Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to IT system reliability.


Pharmaceutical refrigeration

Exposing medicines to high temperatures during storage or transportation may affect the quality including efficacy and therefore should be avoided in the interest of patient’s safety.


Perishable food storage

Perishable food will deteriorate, even at refrigerator temperatures, due to spoilage microorganisms, enzymes and oxidation. Hence, time and temperature are important factors in food quality.


Manufacturing and Production

Monitor machine condition for any defects by detecting the vibrations and take preventive action.


Greenhouse and Agriculture

Monitoring soil moisture can help farmers optimize their water usage, increase yield, produce high quality crops and save a lot of money.


Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning

Autonomously record temperature and humidity over a defined period of time. The data can be retrieved, viewed and evaluated as and when required.